July Newsletter

Welcome to our July 2019 newsletter, the summer edition. As like most other years, we had one of our biggest exam sessions ever, including candidates from Netherlands, Cyprus, Italy, UK, Greece, Spain Turkey and Indonesia. 
A large number of in-house markers are now marking tens of thousands of exams. Next, the results will be processed and inputted before being issued in the next few weeks. 
Thank you very much to those who have been with Anglia for a long time and to those who have joined us this year. We are looking forward to a new academic year together with our dear partners. 

Special News - A big celebration in the Netherlands  

In the Netherlands, we have had a very big breakthrough this year. At PENTA college CSG De Oude Maas in Spijkenisse, students are now able to use their Anglia certificate for their final grade in English (instead of the national final exam in English). This is part of a new test from the Ministry of Education. Coordinator Olga Lock: "17 out of 18 students have decided to use Anglia and they will therefore be the first to receive a pre-vocational diploma which is made possible by Anglia."

We are very proud of this big achievement. This is a very big step forwards for the validity and recognition of our Anglia Examinations both in the Netherlands and for the rest of the world. 

News from Europe
Anglia Netherlands

The end of a successful school year in The Netherlands:

SEP         Many schools start the new school year with Anglia certificate ceremonies
OCT        Our new website www.anglia.nl now contains various exercises and videos.
NOV       New part of our mailing is PIE for You, in which we thank people for their special efforts.
DEC         Dozens of schools in various countries participated in our Building Bridges project.
JAN         Free Anglia open day packs and many Anglia stands during the open days!
FEB         The newly appointed Anglia Chief Examiner, Alice Osman, visited the Netherlands.
MAR        Thousands of exams are being prepared for the big exam session in April.
APR         Anglia Exams & Speaking Tests in April: Good luck to all candidates!
MAY        New team photo: Suzanne, Sander and Yvonne are always ready to help.
JUN         Students at Anglia schools can now log in for more practice material.
JUL          The April certificates have been sent to the schools, congratulations!

Party time at Altena College in Sleeuwijk. At this secondary school, not only their own students take part in Anglia, but also pupils from different primary schools participate, guided by the A(nglia)-team, consisting of pupils from the upper years.

Working hard on developing our new school poster.

Anglia Ukraine

After organising a great summer week for around 50 children in Ukraine, we settled in Greece. More than 75 young people were present here. A good preparation for the different English Experience Weeks. Have a great holiday!

Anglia Spain

Exams took place at the beginning of the month as well as at the very end of it. Zaragoza, Malaga, Extremadura, Granada and Almeria are the cities where candidates sat Anglia Examinations. 

Once again, we would like to thank Emilio de Amo of The English Centre – College of Languages in Almeria for his professional commitment and work in every exam session.Most of our brand new speaking assessors were in charge of the speaking tests and all the sessions ran very smoothly.

Next month, Spanish students will be relaxing and enjoying their summer break. During this period, we will be focusing on potential new centres in areas we would like to explore and have a more active role in. To everyone in Spain, we hope you all have a lovely summer!

News from Latin America

This month has been very busy for all of us at Anglia Latin America; preparing for upcoming exam sessions, attending ELT events and visiting an ever-growing number of schools as well as other institutions.

Anglia Argentina

The Anglia Network in Argentina continues to grow. This month, we give our warmest welcome to Centres and Members from the provinces of Buenos Aires, Chaco, Mendoza, Misiones, San Luis and Santa Cruz. We are delighted to have you all on board the Anglia boat!

Anglia on Wheels & ELT Events

We have sponsored & attended a number of events this past month:

Guadalupe Rodriguez, our Operations Manager, visited the City of Goya in Corrientes for an Anglia Exams presentation at the 3° Book and Passions Fair, and was also interviewed on the local radio station, together with Dolores Micelli, Principal of our main Exam Centre in the city.
Chris & Monica Kunz, our President and CEO, together with Estefanía Krogulec, our International Liaison Officer, visited the Anglia Centre for English Studies in Brandsen, Buenos Aires, where they conducted mock exams and delivered special lessons for their students. Special thanks go to Lorena Jordanov, School Principal, for all these years of continued support and truly professional work.


Alejandra Blanco, our Administrator, wo-manned our stands at Subite al Airplane, in the City of Buenos Aires, & APIBA on Tour, in the City of Campana.

The President of Anglia in Argentina, Chris Kunz, will soon be delivering Anglia professional development sessions and teacher development workshops in the city of Pergamino. He’s looking forward to seeing regular participants again, and meeting new teachers in the area!

Chris will be offering one of the plenary sessions and an Anglia Exams/Chichester College presentation at Primeras Jornadas de Actualización Profesional in María Grande, Entre Rios; and later on, at VI Jornadas Internacionales de Fonética y Fonología, in Misiones

Anglia Assessor Training Programme

We are currently carrying out this year’s first face-to-face Anglia Assessor Training Programme at our Central Exams Office in the City of Buenos Aires. The newly trained examiners will start acting as such at the beginning of October.


Anglia Uruguay

We are getting ready for our first ever mid-year exam session in Uruguay. We wish all candidates the best of luck.

Anglia Ibero-America and URUTESOL, the National Association of Teachers of English, have signed an agreement of mutual cooperation through which tons and tons of benefits will be offered to all URUTESOL and Anglia Members in the country and abroad.

Anglia Paraguay

Mrs. Lucía Ibañez de Mongelós, Director of the Idiomatik Centre at the National University of Asunción, will be visiting us at our Office in Buenos Aires to explore the possibility of adopting Anglia Exams by the University. We are positive the meeting will prove to be a total success.

Anglia Colombia

Our next exam session in Colombia will be held in September. We are currently contacting and assisting our existing centres in order for them to be ready. New potential institutions are also being approached so that Anglia can keep growing in this country.

Anglia Peru

Words by Local Agent, English Connections

These weeks have been very busy for us since we have had many activities.

To start with, students from Liceo Santo Domingo, Virgen del Rosario and Vanguard Schools have had their Mock Tests. Furthermore, Cristo Rey School invited Anglia Peru to be part of their jury in an English language event. We were very pleased and truly honoured to participate in such an important event.

Students from Pedro Ruiz Gallo University in Chiclayo are taking their mock test tomorrow and hopefully they will do very well.



News from Asia

Anglia Turkey

For our May and June sessions, students from Middle East Language Development Institute and Ankara International College sat Primary, Preliminary, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Proficiency, Mastery and ICTE level examinations. All of them achieved outstanding results due to their hard working and teachers' commitments.

The Anglia network in Turkey continues to expand. The Anglia Director, Professor Ali Maleki, has visited several, schools, colleges, universities and language institutes both in Istanbul and Ankara. During the meetings, various topics have been discussed, such as the introduction of Anglia and teacher training programs.

Anglia Director in Turkey, Professor Ali Maleki, will be giving 5 brand new professional development sessions in Ankara and Istanbul throughout August 2019.


Anglia Bangladesh 

Here a message that we received from our partners in Bangladesh: 

'It was a fantastic experience! Our Anglia team just recently visited the beautiful St. Joseph School and the honourable Principal Brother Robi Purification warmly welcomed us there. With our first step on its campus, the school seemed a perfect environment for learners: everywhere is radiating with knowledge. We walked a few minutes enjoying the green beauty around, and then the team went into the hall room. There the Country Director of Anglia, Ms Farjana Khan and the Operations Director, S.M Aorangogeb talked about the organisation and made a presentation on different Anglia exams and programmes. After that, the school governing body also asked several important questions about Anglia programmes, especially C.I.T.E. And, finally, being introduced to the C.I.T.E, the Principal’s last words were, ‘I really need this programme for my teachers.’ ‘St. Joseph School’, he also said, ‘is always committed to quality education; and to ensure that we need best teachers and the C.I.T.E matches our goal.’ We hope to start our programme at St. Joseph.

It was a great day for us! We were invited to Bangladesh International School, one of the best institutions in Dhaka city. The campus was so fascinating as well. The school looked as if to be floating on a green ocean of long thick grass. It was the Principal Colonel... and his staff who greeted us; and everything felt so positively welcoming. Then, after a few minutes of discussion on the ever-increasing importance of learning English, he took us to the curious parents and the teachers waiting in the hall room. There Ms Farjana Khan, Country Director of Anglia Bangladesh, greeted the audience and made a very informative presentation on Anglia’s various programmes and services. The parents were the most interested, and so asked some questions about summer camp and the Step to books. The teachers also expressed their interest in the C.I.T.E. and the school is going to ....sit, teacher no.

Anglia is spreading day by day! Invited by Lt. Col. Zahangir, the principal of Chetona Model Academy, Anglia team recently visited the school. A lot of thanks to him for he has always been appreciative of Anglia. Chetona Model Academy is literally a model institution in Dhaka city, with its modern majestic campus positively suitable for learners. The school appeared just spick and span. Not only famous for its excellent performance in public examinations, the school is also well-known for its discipline. After a little discussion on the various activities of Anglia, the principal took us to the teachers’ room where both the Country Director and the Operations Director made a detailed presentation on Anglia and its different programmes. The teachers were quite interested and at the end of the presentation some of them asked questions about the C.I.T.E. Mz Farjana Khan answered all their questions. After that, Col Zahangir made a short speech, praising Anglia’s activities and he also presented us a book on education, authored by him. It was really a pleasant day for us there!

Every genius passes a time in their life when a guiding light is all that they need to move forward. The story of Margaret, who later obtained distinction in the C.I.TE. examination, is no exception to this, either. She was just wandering about, confused and depressed while Anglia found and showed her the path to success. The Country Director of Anglia Bangladesh, Ms Farjana Khan was all there for her. Margaret often reminisces about her first meeting with Ms Khan saying, ‘My first meeting with her was certainly a godsend. I found her right when I needed her most in my life.’ It was the Country Director, who, having realised what direction Marguerite should walk in, talked her into taking the exam and Anglia took care of her all the way. Now, after the exam, there’s no room for lack of confidence in her mind; she’s a popular trainer of the proud Anglia. Now wherever she goes, she is greeted with respect and recognition from everyone. Margaret says, tears of gratitude in her eyes, ‘All credit goes to Anglia and to its beautiful representatives alone; I truly owe this new life to Anglia.’ Thank you Margaret for doing us credit. Our local Anglia team wish her a successful career in the future.'

Anglia Malaysia

Malaysian students are enjoying the Anglia syllabus. This group of teenagers from secondary school find the programme interesting and stimulating. Two of them are Koreans and it's proof of the mass appeal of Anglia course materials. They are the ambassadors to spread the Anglia fame across Malaysia. 


Other News

Study Trip to Chichester College

A group of students and teachers from Argentina are currently at the College and they are having the best time ever! They spent a weekend in Madrid and a weekend in London already, and are still attending lessons and visiting places of interest near Chichester. Both teachers and students are highly involved with all the activities organised by the College and are thoroughly enjoying them.


June Newsletter

It is nearly July which means that most of our exam sessions have now been completed in Europe and Asia. We are now processing all the exam papers with a large group of in house markers. 

Enjoy this newsletter. 

News from Europe

Anglia Cyprus

Another round of successful exam sessions in Cyprus has come to an end.

Last weekend we welcomed more than 10,000 candidates from 420 language institutes and private schools all over the island, who took their Anglia tests in Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca and Xylotymvou.

Students, teachers and parents are very happy for the fruitful school year they had and they all look forward to receiving the exam results in August.

Meanwhile, the sun is shining here in Cyprus and it's time for holiday!

Have a great summer, everyone!

Anglia Netherlands

Hundreds of exam sessions in dozens of countries worldwide. Operations Manager Robert Piernikarski and his team in Chichester play a crucial role in the smooth processing of exam papers. During his visit to the Dutch office last week we therefore surprised him with our PIE.

In July, a team of 6 international teachers will fly to Athens to teach English in Action at the Arsakeio, Ekali High School.  This will be our first year in Greece and we cannot wait to meet the Greek students and local teachers. Initially we decided to only accept 50 students but the enthusiasm was so overwhelming that now over 75 children will participate.

English Education Group Europe in cooperation with Anglia Network Europe had a successful third Summer School in Ukraine. This year two schools ran in different locations in Khust, all together 52 students took part in it. The program included excursions to city centre and to the Thranscarpational Museum “Old Village”. International teachers and their tandem assistants did a great job and students could see the progress of speaking English at the end. Parents joined as both schools had final presentations in the local park. The feedback was really positive, parents liked the performance as they celebrated their children's graduation.

Summer School 2019 is also a merit of the students. The best gift is when a student, who already took part in Summer School the previous year returns and plans to be back again.

A huge thank you to all the students who made it such a fun-packed time, and of course to all the group leaders who came with them and were so helpful.


Anglia Spain


June has been a very busy month for Anglia Spain. We have had different Exam Sessions in many regions: Almeria, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Zaragoza, Granada, Ferrol, Malaga, Benameji, Ourense, among others.

We would like to thank Emilio de Amo of The English Centre – College of Language for the continued support and professional commitment he always shows in every exam session. Also, a special mention to our Local Agents in Spain who always make things a lot more simple; Peter Vooght of United Academy of English, Juan Miguel Crespo Santiago of Acrotera Idiomas, Christiane Martinez & Pablo Keenan of St. John’s School of English and Diana Asteggiante and Lynsey Wells of Cool Kids School of English. Thank you for choosing us!

The Training Programme for the new examiners is now over. We are glad to see how our staff grows and develops professionally in the country. Welcome to the team!

Debbie Jump of Aim Awards together with Debbie Gibbs of Anglia HQs have visited some academies and schools of English as part of their inspection tour of Spain. One of the visits included our main hub in Almeria, The English Centre – College of Languages. Ms. Jump and Ms. Gibbs observed Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Tests and mentioned that everything was running very smoothly. They were also impressed with the attractive and motivational displays at the English Centre and liked the fact that the resources were all labelled in English as they would be in a British school.

We are glad to have shared such professional work with them in which controls of all kinds have been made successfully and without problems.

We would also like to welcome Samuel Gonzalez, a new assistant who has been working with us for some weeks now. Hopefully, you will be hearing from him very soon. Welcome Samuel!


News from Latin America

It has been a busy time for all of us at Anglia Latin America; Exam Sessions, Events and Visits to schools have all taken place this month.

Anglia Argentina

As has been the case for the past few months, the Anglia Network in Argentina continues to expand. This month, we give our warmest welcome to Centres and Members from the Provinces of Salta, Corrientes, Córdoba, Entre Ríos, Jujuy and Buenos Aires. We wish them only the best for the future!

Anglia on Wheels – Pergamino and surroundings

Words by our Local Agent, Mirta Sarchione:

The end of May and beginning of June has been a busy, but rewarding, period for the Anglia team in Pergamino, Buenos Aires Province, and the area.

To begin with, on Friday, 31st May, together with Chris Kunz (Anglia Exams President) and Mónica Blanco-Kunz (C.E.O. of Anglia Exams), we were present at a Certificate Presentation Ceremony at Colegio San Agustín in Pergamino. A large number of eager students got their Anglia certificates with great enthusiasm during the pleasant ceremony, which was shared together with the Head of the School, Coordinator, Teachers, staff and parents.


The evening found us in a new Certificate Presentation Ceremony held at the Basque Centre. This time, the candidates were students from Pergamino and many nearby cities who sat their exams in December 2018. Needless to say, they held up their certificates very proudly, making the teachers and parents swell with pride.

The next day, we headed for Salto, Buenos Aires Province, where a great number of eager students, relatives and teachers gathered for the Certificate Presentation, which was a real joyful occasion. After that, it was Monica´s turn, this time, to head the study trips meeting and explain all the details of such an invaluable experience.

The following week, our destination was Rojas, a city in the Province of Buenos Aires, where the Head and all the staff of Northern Wings Institute had organized a special meeting to make their students feel proud to receive their Anglia Certificates.

ELT Events

We have recently been present with an Anglia Examinations & Chichester College stand at the following events: Intensive Teachers’ Development Workshop, in the City of Mercedes, Corrientes and APIBA on Tour, in Luján, Buenos Aires. Both events were held on 8th June. Our Anglia representative had the opportunity to introduce Anglia Examinations to all participants.

Anglia Examinations & DeVelop Consulting Group’s II Congreso de Transformación Educativa

The event took place on Saturday, 22nd June in the City of Salta, north of Argentina, where more than 200 teachers and language professionals shared a day exchanging knowledge and experience while having lots of fun together.

Upcoming Events

Our President, Chris Kunz, will be delivering the Opening Plenary and a workshop at V Jornadas Nacionales de ELT Innovations and Challenges in the 21st Century at Universidad Nacional de Villa María in Córdoba on 27th June!

We are positive most teachers in the region will profit immensely from Chris’ presentations.

Anglia Examinations & Chichester College will also be present with a stand at APIBA on Tour in Campana, Buenos Aires on 29th June.


Anglia Uruguay

We are thrilled to announce that Anglia Examinations and URUTESOL (Uruguayan Association of Teachers of English) have signed a Collaboration Agreement, from which both Anglia and URUTESOL members will definitely benefit.

Anglia Paraguay

The Anglia Network continues to grow in Paraguay, not only in the capital city, Asunción, but also in small cities. Honouring Anglia’s Unique Selling Point of reaching places other Exam Boards will not, because of long distances & limited transportation availability, we welcome our newest Exam Centre in the City of Coronel Oviedo.

Anglia Mexico

We would like to thank our Local Agents in Mexico, Ganna Matichyna  & Team of Books Services, for carrying out all the exam sessions in the country with such professionalism.

Students from the cities of Morelia and Guadalajara took their Anglia Exams this past June. All the sessions were a great success. Congratulations to all the candidates and we wish you the best of luck with your results!

Students from La Salle Morelia University, taking their Reading & Writing Exams below.


Anglia Colombia

Carolina Rubio of INCSEP, one of our Local Agents in Colombia, has once again registered candidates in the cities of Chia and Bogota.

Thank you Carolina for motivating the students and encouraging them to continue trusting our organisation.


Anglia Chile

Guadalupe Rodríguez, our Operations Manager, has just arrived in Santiago de Chile to meet with our Local Agents in the country.

Our colleagues and Local Agents (SBS Bookshop & The English Connection) have welcomed us really warmly and have organised a full-on agenda to help with Anglia’s growth in Chile; visits to schools and universities are the focus of attention.

Several presentations will be given for school and university authorities. We believe the personal touch is crucial when paving the way for a bright future in a new country.


Anglia Peru


Words by Local Agent, Raul Merino Moscol, English Connections

Last week, a Certificate Awarding Ceremony was held at Albert Einstein School, where students showed their enthusiasm after having obtained their certificates; most of them with very good results. Also, we had a meeting with the Dean & Team of the Translation and Interpreting School of Cesar Vallejo University. In addition to this, there was also a Certificate Awarding Ceremony in Chiclayo. It took place at Manuel Pardo School and was a very important event for all of us. It is worth highlighting that four students from this school travelled to Chichester College on a study trip early this year. Without a doubt, they had a wonderful experience in England.

The icing on the cake was the 5th edition of the Anglia International Congress in Chiclayo on 15th June. We were honoured by the presence of Mr. Chris Kunz and Mrs. Susan Hillyard. There were approximately 250 participants. It was the first time an Anglia International Congress had taken place in another city and we feel truly satisfied with the result.


News from Asia

Anglia Indonesia

Anglia Indonesia has launched a new strategy to penetrate the Indonesian market by presenting the Anglia DEEPx Program for Indonesian schools. The abbreviation of DEEPx is Digital English Education Platform Experience.

Some benefits for Indonesian Schools if they engage with the Anglia DEEPx Program. They will then have access to:

·  The English PGRI-ANGLIA Competence Framework and the Anglia Placement Test;

·  The Students and Teachers portal via www.Anglia.id and the “Anglia Indonesia” APP on Android and IOS (available soon);

·  Digital English education repository (e.g. interactive English exercises like grammar points and soundbites);

·  Anglia certificate of English ESOL international for teachers and students;

·  Building bridges project participation in a growing international network;

·  An engagement and communication platform for: students, parents, teachers, and other national/international school (e.g. our tandem teaching program);

·  A Personalized school digital educational platform (also for their own content).

We already successfully implemented Anglia DEEPx at 3 schools in Indonesia in 2019. More than 150 students have already taken Anglia Examinations on paper and in digital format.

Anglia Speaking Test, Pradita Institute, in Jakarta Indonesia:


Anglia Examination at SMK Medikacom Bandung, 24 May 2019:


Some testimonies from students after having the ANGLIA Reading & writing test and Listening test:

Auliya Az-Zahra, Intermediate, Students

“The test is fun but hard at the same time. I really enjoy for taking the test. It can make my skill getting better”.

Fickry Ramadhan, Intermediate, Student

“The test is pretty hard. Participating in this test make me realize how lacking my English is. So, I will need to study English a lot harder for over all good experience.”

We are currently preparing to launch the Anglia DEEPx Program by hosting roadshows in 20 cities starting in July with some partners such as PGRI (the national teachers’ organization), BSI University Campus, and COMPRO (app creator). We are expecting 500-1000 teachers pér event.


Inauguration as a professor of the president of the PGRI, on the picture with the IND minister of Education.

Anglia Malaysia

Anglia in Malaysia is launching its inaugural Winter English camp and it welcomes students of the Anglia network worldwide. To be held in December this year, it aims to give participants the chance to experience South East Asian culture and to learn some English from Malaysian trainers. For more information, visit www.angliaenglish.edu.my/warmwinters/

Operations Director Richard Lim also reports that the flagship Anglia English centre will be operational by the 3rd week of July, 2019. It will serve as Anglia's central exam centre to host exam candidates from its network of 14 satellite schools .... and growing. A highly motivated business development team is in place which will boost the growth of Anglia English all over Malaysia.